Orchestrate omni-channel customer journeys in real-time

A personalised omni-channel customer experience

With ever increasing and diversity of communication channels and reading media, uses have changed. Your customers are more and more demanding and wanting to make quick decisions.

When choosing a new insurance contract, bank, energy supplier or other service, the first exchanges are decisive. Beyond your pricing and your reputation for quality of service, it is your ability to respond in real time and to offer a simple, fluid, personalised interactive customer journey that that will make the difference. with your competition. Being able to quickly individualise each communication to each customer, taking into account specific circumstance and context adds true competitive advantage.

The leading brands in customer experience get 150% more orders than other brands

Customer Journey
Customer Journey

Two-way customer communications

Acquiring new customers in this context requires having an intelligent tool capable of generating a quote quickly, of adjusting it in real time, according to customer feedback and selected options, of simplifying contractual jargon, of identifying the right channel according to the context, to adjust it according to customer behaviour, and to present content adapted to the reading medium used, while respecting the security and the protection of his data.

To meet these challenges, Sefas is supplementing its Harmonie Communication Suite range with a real-time orchestration solution for the omni- channel customer journey. HC Conductor is a platform for optimising the customer journey by personalising it to suit each individual, dependant on the context of the communication.

With HC Conductor, the one-way mode communicating – documents sent from the company to its client – is transformed into a two-way and real-time communication. The interaction is immediate: the document is no longer a simple top-down information page, it becomes a space for communication exchange and a business accelerator.

Decompartmentalise incoming and outgoing communications as well as physical and digital channels

HC Conductor is the hybrid technology of a customer data platform and a document services platform (workflow manager, rules engine, data repository taking into account security constraints and the protection of personal data, etc.) connecting to your entire IT ecosystem and customer relationship channels.

HC Conductor allows you to:

    • Capture and store events and data relating to customers, including their correspondence history, actions, and preferences.
    • Trigger marketing automation, such as welcome communications, contract renewals, hot surveys, etc … via the customer channel of choice.
    • Keep in touch with clients, so as to offer them the best possible service, advise and recommendations for continued service improvement.

HC Conductor integrates into your existing ecosystem:

    • HC Conductor can connect to any incoming source or outgoing broadcast channel.
    • HC Conductor collects information from scanning services, web forms or mobile applications.
    • HC Conductor triggers the production of content and its distribution on traditional physical channels, or to digital transactional outputs.
Customer Journey

HC Conductor and its use cases

HC Conductor adapts to your needs and allows you to design your own customer journeys, from the simplest to the most complex. The simplest use case is the scripting of multi-channel broadcasting according to your own rules and respecting the preferences of your customers.

For example: Sending a personalised communication via an email according to the recipient’s preference and waiting for a return period (spam / rejection / opening). If the email is not opened within the predefined period: sending a ‘an SMS prompt to ask the recipient to check Spam; then sending a physical mail to the recipient.

Example of customer acquisition journey

Communication of a quote for a new contract:

  • Access to online form allowing the customer to adjust defined parameters and options of an initial quote.
  • Real-time quote adjustment.
  • Validation by the customer of the revised quotation.
  • Preparation and distribution of the contract including revisions.
  • Submission of revised contract to customer with digital signature.
  • Receipt and storage of the contract in the customer’s digital safe and in the company’s archiving system.
  • Email to the customer allowing them access to their secure digital copy.
  • Recording of customer preferences and consent.
  • Recording of customer data in the “premium” database for future communication campaigns (promotional, loyalty, upselling, cross selling, etc.)

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Customer Journey

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