Designer offers a user-friendly interface allowing business users to design templates by creating or using shared resources, which means that IT experts can concentrate on high value-added developments.

Collaborative architecture means that all stakeholders can work within a single framework, offering business autonomy alongside the ability to manage the entire business content in a centralised and controlled manner.


Content (templates, images, logos, text paragraphs…) is stored in a single repository and shared by all business and IT users. Access and modification rights are set up to individual or grouped resources depending on authorisation levels.

Shared resources are:

  • Independent of any template, resources can be reused with other templates regardless of the distribution channel and in any Designer module

  • Polymorphic – a single object can be created and is maintained for multiple uses

  • Omni-channel – a single object can be created and is maintained for all distribution channels (traditional or digital).

This omni-channel management capability allows you to reduce the number of templates required, providing better control, easier management and improved speed of template changes.

Reduce your template library by 75%

You control all of the content and their life cycle.

Your customer communications comply with the regulatory requirements and the company’s graphic charter. 

CREATE your email and web templates

Combining the functionality of a desktop publishing solution and an advanced Customer Communication Management tool, Designer lets you create customer correspondence within a single workflow:

  • Omni-channel output with responsive screen design

  • Digital and traditional delivery channel: paper, PDF, web, email

  • Customised communications for each screen size: smartphone, tablet, PC transform your current documents (paper, PDF) into web templates.

  • Transform your current documents (paper, PDF) into web templates

During the design phase, users can test their templates with real data to view how they look in PDF and on each digital device type (smart device, tablet and PC preview).

ADAPT guide to interactive customisation for front office business users

  • Define specific customisation areas, rights, and types individual business users or groups are able to edit.

  • Save time designing using “step-by-step” customised wizards.

  • Create a customised interface that can be integrated with a business application or via an eAccess portal.

TRANSFORM your existing documents

Integrate existing workflow documents, from any application in Harmonie Communication Suite. The Designer Transform module can be used as a migration tool between an old and a new CCM solution. 

  • Reengineer documents into attractive communications using the original source to change structure and to apply new graphics and images, as well as adding or deleting. fonts, images, applying new graphics, adding or deleting content.

  • Extract content and reformat data.

  • Convert your communication workflow to new output formats whilst retaining the original output look and feel.

ORGANISE your workflow

  • Organise your post-composition workflow by defining rules for distribution, sorting, grouping, subdividing, postal optimisation… with the ability to integrate into external services (electronic signature, archiving system…).

  • Automate the preparation of your workflow for multi-channel delivery and/or archiving.

Harmonie Communication Suite

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