Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are two concepts built around how companies communicate and deal with their customers. CCM allows a business to manage how its communications are created and distributed with ease. CRM is focused on the collection of customer data during interactions, this data is then used to improve these interactions in the future.

CCM Vs CRM – What Are The Key Differences?

CRM Features

With CRM software a business is able to store all of the collected information regarding their existing customers. This can then be shared across the relevant teams that need access to this information. For example, the sales team will collect basic customer information when completing a sale. With CRM software this information will then be made accessible to other teams such as the admin teams, and marketing teams who need this information to send out communications. Data is collected from all communication channels and stored in one neat location. This information is vital for most businesses as this enables them to understand what their customers are looking for.

CCM Features

CCM Software enables a business to manage the creation and distribution of its customer communications with ease. Crafting ideal customer communications becomes a simple, almost automated process with the option to go more specific and in-depth if necessary. Your customers will receive the ideal communications from your business on their preferred platforms. Software such as document generation tools, omni-channel management systems, design collaboration tools, and more all come together to make the process of producing business communications easy.

What Are The Benefits Of Using CCM and CRM Software?

CCM and CRM can each provide a slightly different list of benefits to your business. Using CRM Software is the most efficient way to store and access customer information with ease. Many businesses will already have some form of CRM system in place even if they are storing customer information on excel spreadsheets or otherwise. This is both a security risk and not as efficient. Security issues mainly come from how easily this information can be accessed or lost in this way. It reduces efficiency as these documents need to be constantly updated and distributed among team members. With CRM software all of this information is stored securely with access only granted to those who require it. As soon as any changes are made by one person these will be updated for everybody.  CCM Software enables your staff to collaborate easily on your customer communications. Focusing on the process of creating quality customer communications is something many businesses are only now starting to catch up on. Being ahead of the curve is important here with the rise of omni-channel communications strategies across industries. An omni-channel strategy involves making each of your company’s communications channels directly related. Often with a more traditional marketing strategy, you will find that businesses will provide different information on each platform sometimes with separate branding. This is not the case with omni-channel with everything becoming more linear and easier to understand.

How can CCM support your CRM efforts?

CCM vs CRM can almost be seen as a moot point. CRM is the foundation for most businesses, with CCM providing an additional list of benefits. Focusing solely on CRM without looking at the quality of your communications will likely result in less effective results. CCM allows you to craft your ideal customer experience with an omni-channel strategy, easily prepared documents and communications, and more. At its most simple you can identify CRM as the base for customer relations and CCM as the key to building these relations beyond the typical. If you are interested in finding out more about how CCM software can support your business look no further than the Harmonie Communication Suite. Here at Sefas we can provide advanced software which provides 5 separate features to ensure that every aspect of CCM becomes simple for your business. To find out more please get in contact today.