What are corporate professional services?

Corporate professional services are offered by industry experts across a wide variety of fields to improve the processes of a corporate business. Here at Sefas, our services’ focus is on project management, project consulting, and providing expert training on how to implement and effectively use our Suite of CCM tools. When you choose to hire a company such as Sefas for professional services, you are entrusting us with important parts of your business.

How can Sefas help to improve your business processes?

Sefas’ have successfully deployed some of the most significant customer communication implementations across Europe. In recent years, we have been able to triple the size of this area of our business by adding project managers, and architects as well as recruiting and cultivating developers to continue to meet the growing demand for our professional services.

If you choose to work with Sefas, our team of hard-working professionals will support your business with every aspect of a project from start to finish. This includes helping to determine project scope, timeline, and resourcing. We will also assist your teams with developing requirements and determining an optimal approach to achieving your goals. Whether we provide strategy, coaching, and guidance, or the services to make a project happen. 

We can even help you to achieve your business objectives on an expedited schedule and accelerate your return on investment with our software.


Sefas provides a full spectrum of corporate professional services including:

  • Program Management Consulting – our partner program is ideal for companies with big objectives and a grand vision. When you need dedicated project coordination and expertise or need to execute several concurrent projects to meet your goal, the partner program is a great start.

  • Project Consulting and Development – Won a new client? Need help with developing a complex application? Need to integrate with new infrastructure? Sefas can help with specific projects and provide corporate professional services to complement your team.

  • Standard Training – on-site group and individual training is available for all Sefas products at our headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts. These courses have been developed for new users as well as experienced developers.

  • Custom Training Programs – Sefas can also develop custom training and incorporate your applications and needs into the curriculum.


The key to our success is our people and their commitment to providing the best possible value from these services. Sefas’ approach to customer satisfaction is driven by the following principles:

  • We are committed to developing leading-edge products and ensuring that our customers are empowered to use them effectively.

  • We want our customers to rapidly become independent, minimising the need for our full range of consultation services, yet be able to call on us when business conditions warrant.

  • We strive to fully understand our customer’s needs and set expectations clearly in advance of each service engagement.

  • We establish a communication process that ensures all parties are fully aware of project status and enables prompt identification of any issues so they can be addressed as early as possible.

  • We believe that collaboration with customer personnel is critical to success.

  • We bring to each engagement the value of our cumulative experience, while honoring our customer’s perspective and preference.

If you are looking for expert corporate professional services, look no further than Sefas. To find out more about how our team of experts can support your business, please get in contact today.


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