Harmonie Communication Suite (HCS) is a solutions toolset for designing and managing customer communications across all delivery channels.

It provides the tools to create, enhance, preview, proof and approve your communications, allowing you to easily enhance the customer experience through every interaction: call centre, email, website, mobile, tablet and print.

HCS allows all communication resources (logos, images, text paragraphs…) to be kept in one central location; and enables users to easily create multichannel communications without having to rebuild the content – ensuring that you can communicate with your customers quickly, easily and cost effectively.

HCS helps to make your communication personalised, attractive and engaging. Thanks to its responsive design, all content is tailored to the reading device for better visual impact and a greater likelihood of being read and clearly understood…

At the heart of Harmonie Communication Suite
is an efficient production centre


HCS is based on Sefas’s proven Open Print technology, which has served the customer communication industry for over 25 years, offering:

  • Unmatched performance of composition, post-composition and processing engines.

  • The ability to harmonise, combine and produce all communication within one platform for all delivery channels.

  • Expertise in dynamic document composition, with the ability to quickly produce a stream of several million printed or PDF documents unique for each recipient.

HCS has been enhanced with responsive design features and interactive options for your digital communication – including integrated email campaigns, landing pages and interactive web documents.

Harmonie Communication Suite is a modular solution to support all customer communication needs.

Harmonie Communication Suite is an open solution with API’s that enable integration with all your existing systems and platforms.

Harmonie Communication Suite

A modular suite of 6 solutions, based on a single platform


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