When transitioning over to the HC Suite, you may be worried that there will be no real support on offer for your business when you are making the transition. Well here at Sefas, we make it our first priority to offer our workplace training courses and omnichannel training to ensure that you are able to use each part of the HC Suite to its full effectiveness.

Sefas helps with every aspect of a project from helping determine project scope, timelines, and resourcing needs, to assisting client teams to develop requirements and determine the optimal approach. Whether we provide strategy, coaching, and guidance, or provide the services to make a project happen, Sefas is ready and staffed for your engagement.
Our Professional Services can help you achieve your business objectives on an expedited schedule and accelerate your return on investment in Sefas software.


Sefas’ omnichannel training courses take place in an interactive, dynamic, and convivial atmosphere. Either on the premises of the UK offices in Bristol or onsite with your team.

Where necessary, our workplace training courses are supplemented by on-site or remote monitoring to accompany users in their initial development or to expand the training in a specific context. This monitoring is proposed by the consulting team.

The Sefas training catalogue presents examples of courses corresponding to business profiles (model designer, operations manager, etc.) enabling you to create a personalised training program for your company and users.

A summary of some of the courses around omnichannel training we offer can be seen below. For more information please get in touch.

This course covers:

  • Repository management for composition of digital documents by business users.
  • Composition of accessible omni-channel digital documents.
  • Collaborative composition of document templates using shared object libraries.
  • Data acquisition for ingestion of data streams.
  • Programming Plugins using Python and Composition APIs for advanced enhancement of templates.

This course covers:

  • Onboarding of legacy documents via Normalisation.
  • Enhancement of documents.
  • Programming Plugins using Python and Re-Engineering APIs for advanced enhancement of re-engineering applications.

This course covers:

  • Development and integration of a Production Wizard for interactive composition templates.
  • Creation of an approval workflow for validation of a personalised document.

This course covers:

  • Creation and automation of production and post-production workflows.
  • Grouping, merging, sorting, and splitting of documents using the TechSort language.

This course covers:

  • Using the Printer Driver to submit documents from desktop applications.
  • Orchestrated mail-merges using office templates.
  • Configuring baskets to control document processing.
  • Creating approval workflows for submission of documents into Production.

Our workplace training courses are the ideal way to introduce yourself to the HC Suite. Take our omnichannel training courses and learn how to use the HC Suite like a professional right out of the gate. To find out more about how our team of expert trainers can support your business, please get in contact today.


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