Sefas is deeply committed to achieving excellence in customer satisfaction and supporting our customers’ operations is our number one priority. Our satisfaction rate for customer support is at 98% over the last 6 months up to June 2021. 

Supported by a team of experts, Sefas is committed to responding as quickly as possible, ensuring SLA’s are met and issues resolved seamlessly and quickly. To answer every need, Sefas operates a state-of-the-art online ticket management system with intelligent alerts and escalation procedures.

Our support website is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Through the support site, authorised users can:

  • Report incidents, ask a question or make an enhancement request online through a simple form.
  • Monitor the progress of their support ticket and resolution actions in real time.
  • Communicate with our teams and get rapid answers or suggested workarounds.
If you are a Sefas client wishing to access the support website please click here.
Customer Satisfaction

Fantastic work from Richard and Dean and others, providing a swift solution.

Excellent support as ever

John was very helpful with this, getting the updates across quickly and sorting subsequent questions / issues

Excellent service and support in a very timely manner

Issue was answered promptly with evidence provided to support findings. Much appreciated

Excellent response which contained details of how the code worked enabling better internal future support

This was a difficult issue around processing large files. Good response enabled us to implement a solution

Great service as per usual!


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