HC Platform is a powerful software engine that acts as the foundation for the HC Suite. HC Platform provides the base for the high functionality that our CCM tools can provide for our end users. With this powerful CCM Platform, your employees can incorporate advanced functionality into their CCM workload. Some of the ways that it can help with this include;

  • The capability to ingest and edit many different data formats.
  • The capability to create unique output files for your different physical and digital distribution channels.
  • Post composition functions to sort, split and merge productions output files. 

Working as the link between your printing hardware, CCM software, and your archival solutions. HC Platform offers a number of different benefits within both a physical and digital environment. For example, by utilising the Sefas Marhsalling Daemon (SMD – which controls processes within HCS as well as controlling external processes) users can dynamically scale their solution to meet changing business requirements.

For example, by utilising the Sefas Marshalling Daemon (SMD) (which controls processes within HCS as well as controlling external processes.) Users can dynamically scale their solution to meet changing business requirements.


Develop your composition, re-engineering and post-composition applications to suit your needs. This can be done with an extensive, and fully documented, codebase that enables users to automate process steps within the applications.


Onboard your scanned documents with full OCR capabilities and ensure integrity of complex images during processing using rasterisation.


Leverage your existing systems to interact easily with HCS. Multiple, industry standard WebServices API’s, are supported including; SOAP, REST, AJAX and Java.


Optimise your production environment within HC Platform. You can do this by using horizontal and vertical scaling across your entire infrastructure, all controlled with our powerful marshaling daemon, SMD.

When you are looking to optimise your customer communications, a CCM software is a great first step on that journey. If you are interested in finding out more about the HC Suite then please get in contact today.

We also offer professional services and training in a number of different areas of CCM including expert training on how best to operate with the HC Suite. This will enable you to get over the initial slump of moving to a new piece of software and allow you to really hit the ground running.

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