Lockdowns imposed overnight has led millions of businesses of all sizes to find the most appropriate solutions to their business needs. Organisations found themselves with needs that they had not necessarily identified beforehand or which were not part of their priorities. The lockdown has changed their strategies and behavior. Some companies that had not yet taken the step of digitising their processes have found themselves slowed down or even blocked in carrying out some of their exchanges or transactions, among the most common such as signing a document, sending registered letters, archive documents… And even in organisations that have already gone digital, a large number wanted to move up a gear. Thus, certain digital solutions have today become essential to maintaining the activity of companies of all sizes.

Responsiveness from the start of lockdown

To help companies ensure the continuity of their activity during the lockdown period, the teams of Docaposte and its subsidiaries have mobilised to meet the needs of their customers in record time.

Sefas employees remain committed to their customers in all circumstances

During the lockdown period:

  • The Sefas helpdesk support service made itself available on a daily basis to help and support a large number of its customers in continuing their activities on Sefas software by teleworking .
  • Sefas consulting also remained mobilized to pursue its clients’ projects remotely.
  • The Sefas training department has adapted its training sessions to the containment situation. The e-learning training, now operational, was tested during this period by a large number of customer users who took advantage of this period to deepen their expertise.

Sandrine Saroyan, Marketing Manager, Sefas France