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The world of customer communications is constantly evolving, meaning that customer expectations are following suit. More is expected from companies regarding the use of technology, and creating accessible and easy-to-understand communications. This is the same when it comes to insurance communications. In this article, we will be covering eight ways that insurance companies can create ideal communications. Fundamentally, however, it is important to remember that any customer communications you send out need to be clear and concise, informing your customers of everything they need to know. 

Online portals and mobile apps

One of the key ways to provide effective insurance communications to your customers is through your online portal or mobile app. Within this, your customers can gather all of their latest interactions or start a new dialogue directly with a customer consultant or chatbot. This provides a home base where all communications between your company and your customers, such as quotes or claims, can be stored


Email is a powerful tool when it comes to effective insurance communications. Email allows you to create personalised emails for policy updates, renewal reminders, billing notifications, and other important information.

Phone support

Being able to offer reliable phone support to your customers will mean that you are likely to receive a much higher customer satisfaction rating. Phone support offers customers a chance to directly speak with your team and feel listened to and understood. This can also allow you to solve issues quickly that may take much longer over live chat or email.

Chatbots and live chat

The key to managing the number of inquiries that are getting through to your customer support team is a solid chatbot or live chat option for your customers. Many customer inquiries can be handled by either a good FAQ section or by chatbots that are readily available to customers 24/7. This availability will benefit your customers and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Social media

Social media is great for promoting your product and engaging with your customers. Customers will enjoy the more personal touch that social media can bring. By making your insurance more exciting and relevant to your customer’s lives, you are likely to generate more new customers as well as engage your current customers.

Text messaging

Text messaging is an ideal solution for sending notifications such as payment dates, policy updates, and appointment reminders. These messages can be short, and concise while informing the customer of exactly what they need to know.

Video calls/webinars

One solution that is suitable for more complex inquiries or personalised advice is a video call or webinar. This allows you to offer unique attention to customers and help them feel understood. 


This is the most traditional form of insurance communication. It is still one of the most vital and great for sending out policy documents, contracts, or important notices that require a physical copy. Don’t forget to prioritise and make your mailed communications as effective as possible.

So there are eight ways that you can create ideal insurance communications for your customers. It can be difficult to create and link together all of these different methods of communication. Here at Sefas, we can offer the Harmonie Communication Suite (HCS) which is a customer communications management software suite designed to unite and bring together all of your communications. To find out more about how HCS can help you create and implement the ideal insurance communication strategy, get in contact today.