Customer Experience (CX) is a constantly evolving concept that tends to roll with the times. Often, businesses will innovate and provide improvements to their customers that expand the customer experience. These improvements will then move industry-wide and eventually even become a norm across a number of different industries. So how can your business remain on top of these trends and decide which ones to implement? In this article, we will be covering exactly what trends are going to be big for Customer experience in 2023 and which ones we think are the most important to get right primarily.


Customer experience in 2023 is expected to focus on consumer needs at a personal level. Customers do not want generic ads that follow them around the internet based on third-party data. 2023 is all about the experience of the individual. Focused ads aimed at the specific wants and needs of the individual consumer are the way forward. By using first-party data directly collected from each customer and AI you can craft some effortless communications which really answer the questions your customers have. Customers expect this level of hyper-personalisation across all platforms, highlighting the importance of having a good omni-channel strategy in place.

Virtual Experiences

With the rise of VR and AR, we are seeing more businesses begin to incorporate virtual experiences into their marketing strategies. Customers are looking for interactive experiences that allow them to become more involved with their brands of choice. But what are VR and AR you may be asking? Well, these stand for ‘virtual reality’ and ‘augmented reality’ and are essentially referring to new technology that allows for interaction with a virtual world. Virtual reality is a full-on experience usually started by wearing some kind of headset or device. Augmented reality is using a device such as a mobile camera to create an experience that involves both reality and technology. For example, a VR experience would be a virtual meeting in the metaverse, where you can incorporate your character with your colleagues into an infinite number of different environments. Augmented reality would be a phone app that allows you to use your phone’s camera to ‘virtually install’ furniture into a room to see how it will look. These experiences whilst being considered niche currently, will start to become the norm as time goes on. They will obviously evolve and become more intricate, but it is important to get ahead of the curve where you can.

Human Experiences

Many customers simply want to interact with a real person when dealing with different brands. Whether it is speaking to a human customer service advisor or a human cashier. It is important that we remember the idea that ‘people buy from people’ there are currently limitations to how far technology can go when it comes to providing a top-quality customer experience. Remember to think about the end user and the amount of human interaction that your business is providing. By having real customer service advisors, for example, you will be able to mop up all of the specific and unique customer inquiries that a standard bot or machine will be unable to process correctly.

Proactive Customer Engagement

Proactive customer engagement involves creating systems that will reach out to customers to make sure that any issues they may be facing are being addressed. Through AI and machine learning your business can implement systems that will search through previous customer complaints or issues and send a support message to customers who may be experiencing something similar. By being proactive with your customer engagement you will be able to tackle any customer issues before they result in a lost customer.

Omni-Channel Customer Experience In 2023

As consumers become more switched on and focused on having a positive relationship with their service providers, it is vital that your business is able to keep up with the times. Customers expect an integrated experience that puts their experience interacting with your brand at the forefront. By providing an omni-channel customer experience in 2023 you will be meeting these expectations. Customers want to easily be able to switch conversations between platforms, receive communications to their preferred contact options, and in general have a smooth experience with your business. Support these desires with an omni-channel customer experience. If you are a business looking to begin your journey into CX in 2023 then it is important that you begin with a solid omni-channel communications strategy. By having this you will have the basic systems in place and be able to incorporate some of the more advanced techniques at a later date. With this in mind, if you are looking for new omni-channel communications software, look no further than Sefas. We are a CCM software developer. Our software enables your business to craft an effortless omni-channel communications strategy. Are you worried that your legacy systems are unable to accommodate the volume or uniqueness required for a good omni-channel communications strategy? Get in contact with our team today to find out how our software can support your business.