Every day, millions of individual letters, notices and other correspondence created by office-based users across localised business applications or desktop tools are created, printed enveloped and posted. This correspondence is typically managed manually at a local level, resulting in tedious time-consuming and error-prone processing.


50% of business correspondence is processed locally. (Source: LA POSTE study)

This type of correspondence is manually managed by each user, resulting in tedious, time consuming and error-prone processing. On a daily basis this can represent tens of thousands of letters for large organisations and, generating substantial costs, including premium postage rates.

Make your ad-hoc letters part of the CCM process

With Hubmail, harmonise all outgoing communication, benefit from improved productivity, utilise multi-channel delivery and offer consistent brand and content to your recipients. Mail optimisation allows you to improve internal processing and reduce costs by up to 60%.

Simple solution to use and implement. An intuitive solution that requires minimal training and that integrates easily into your existing business applications meaning little or no business disruption.


Reduce production and postage costs by up to 60%. Reduce your office-based infrastructure costs and expenses (printers, franking machines).


Gain greater control of these documents in terms of standardising content and brand to reduce risks of non-conformity.  Centralise the tracking of all mailings to gain accurate information on customer interaction and to ensure all correspondence is appropriately archived.


Automate processes and reduce the margin of error. Reduce the time your employees spend on these non-core manual activities by over 60%.


Initiate digital transition programmes and accelerate the digitisation of mail.

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