Sefas announces enhanced version of Harmonie Communication Suite

Sefas is building on its rich legacy of market-leading technology, powerful processing engines and open architecture that have helped clients manage their customer communications in an efficient, scalable, and cost-effective way.  

HCS V2 comprises 11 technical modules, each consisting of a range of components that help clients build the right solution to meet their specific needs. HCS supports the entire CCM process in creating, generating, and orchestrating customer communications to provide a complete Communication Experience Platform (CXP).

HCS: The Sefas Communication Experience Platform (CXP)

A Communication Experience Platform(CXP) provides an infrastructure that encompasses all communication requirements across Customer Experience systems through integration with and co-ordination of all customer interaction. HCS enables this through using its core CCM modules to orchestrate communication activity across all Customer Experience activities. 



You can create standardized templates  faster, more securely and from a wider range of sources pre-built into HCS, allowing you to respond safely and securely to changing customer and market requirements whilst ensuring greater content and brand consistency. 


New content generation tools will allow faster automated processing of files from any source to allow you to onboard new applications quickly and meet SLAs confidently. HCS V2 accepts input in any format from any source, produces and delivers communications securely, eliminates data silos, and orchestrates the delivery of personalized communication through a customers’ preferred channel, leading to consolidated communications and quicker ROI. 


HCS V2 offers new micro-service-oriented architecture that offers greater flexibility, modularity, security and improved performance; whilst the web infrastructure enables easier integration to customer portals and existing technology investments as well as improved interface usability. 


New capabilities offer users a genuine omni-channel orchestration tool to enhance the customer’s experience by providing hyper-personalized, real-time, bi-directional communication in their channel of choice. Sefas helps create a ‘Golden Communication Record’, a complete picture of the communication journey, by integrating and centrally controlling and storing communications so that access to these communications is easy. 


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