What is CX in insurance?

Customer experience (CX) can simply be defined as how the customer finds the process of interacting with a business. CX in insurance like in many different industries has encountered a number of different innovations in recent years. The insurance industry in particular has often been slower in this area, as it was often expected that there will be a churn of policyholders regardless of any positive CX implementations. However, consumers are becoming much savvier and have less time than ever before for needless and long communications processes. So as an insurance provider, how can you work to provide a positive CX for your customers?

A simple onboarding process

Creating a simple onboarding process for new customers is vital. Would you want to go through a complicated process when starting a new insurance policy? Storing customer information and communications to reduce the amount of form filling will create a more positive CX. Using automation in the correct areas of the customer journey to reduce delays will help to create more conversions and new customers. 

AI Chatbots

One way to speed up the customer experience is to use AI chatbots for simple customer inquiries. Often your customers will have simple FAQs that can be easily solved by an AI chatbot. Even if it is an inquiry that the AI chatbot cannot solve, the customer can input their problem and your customer service team can then come right back to them with a solution. This gives the customer experience team more time to spend finding a solution that is less rushed and suitable for both parties.

Personalised emails and letters

Creating personalised communications is a surefire way to provide a positive customer experience. Customers want to be understood and spoken to on a personal level. With professional CX and CCM software you will be able to craft personalised communications to all of your customers with ease. 

Secure and near-perfect accuracy in communications

What could be worse than sending the wrong policy documents out to a customer? The legacy CRM systems typically used by insurers can often result in out-of-date information being used for customer communications. What if a customer has moved address and this has not been updated on the multiple CRM systems that your company may be using? These systems could also end up developing glitches that result in confidential customer information being sent out to the wrong people. Using a new more up-to-date CX and CRM software will enable your business to always put its best foot forward when it comes to CX in insurance.

Customer service consultants

Using customer service consultants who are available consistently when your customers need them is so important for customer experience in the insurance industry. Although many customers want automated AI interactions for smaller issues, they still need that human connection for any of the bigger and more important issues that can occur. For example when making a claim it has been reported that many customers found the empathetic and understanding nature of a customer consultant over the phone, really helped to provide a positive experience in a negative situation. Use customer service consultants to your advantage when it comes to the more difficult customer interactions.

Omni-Channel Communications

Customers want an interactive and easy-to-complete customer experience when interacting with your company. Each customer will have unique needs and communications preferences. Using a CX software that enables an omni-channel customer journey to be created will allow you to get a step up on the competition and help your product stand out. A big part of gaining new customers for insurance companies is customer referrals. By providing a positive CX to your current customers you will be able to then grow your customer base organically. So there you have it, 6 ways to provide a positive CX in insurance. Here at Sefas, we are able to offer a modern, comprehensive, and secure CX solution that will make providing secure customer communications both simple and easy for your teams. To find out more, get in contact with our team of experts today.