Digital trust is defined by the amount of confidence that consumers have in technology, people, and processes to create a secure digital world.

“Whilst overall confidence in digital technology has reached its highest level since 2015, it remains in the minority” revealed the latest barometer of French confidence in digital technology from ACSEL.

Although 77% of the French population consider using digital technology as a way to make their daily lives easier, they remain wary about the use of their personal data from third-party companies.

Ensuring trust across the entire data processing chain is at the heart of many digital companies’ issues, now more than ever.

What issues do digital companies face with trust in digital?

  • They need to reconcile, secure and sustain physical and digital data.
  • They will then need to operate this data in an organised, human, legal, secure, maintained, and sustainable environment.
  • Finally, prevent risk related to data management and regulatory, legal, and normative requirements

3 fundamental steps to increase consumer trust in digital:

  • identification: ensuring the reliability of your customers identity
  • transaction: ensuring the security of all transactions.
  • conservation: ensuring the hosting of data is secure for consumers.

It is no longer optional for businesses big and small. It is the basis of any proposal from trust service providers who evolve in the digital world, composed of 4 distinct environments:

  • A normative environment : the trust service provider engages its legal responsibility in the operations it carries out on behalf of its customers in compliance with the standards provided for by the European regulation on electronic identification and trust services for transactions Electronics in the Internal Market (eIDAS).
  • A secure environment: the trust service provider provides qualified services that ensure compliance with the principles of confidentiality, security, and transparency in the use of customer data.
  • A responsible, inclusive, and ethical environment: the trust service provider guarantees the sustainability and French sovereignty of data, digital access for all, and control of environmental impacts.
  • A human and technological organizational environment: the trust service provider provides the necessary skills to ensure that there will be no break in the trust value chain.

What will this provide for my business?

Being seen as a company with high digital trust will mean that customers are more likely to share their personal data with you. This will aid many of your sales, marketing, and communications efforts

Ensuring trust in the era of digital transformation is fundamental for companies but also for the citizens that we are. Entrusting your data to a third party is not trivial. Find out more about Digital Trust with our Harmonie Communication Suite tool. 

Sandrine Saroyan, Marketing Manager, Sefas France