When working with different file formats, on your own, or as a team, things can get fiddly. Some file formats are incompatible with certain applications and switching between file types can result in formatting errors on your documents. So what is a document management system (DMS) and how can it help?

A DMS is used to provide an efficient solution for these file format changes. In this blog, we are going to highlight how this can really benefit your business moving forward.

What is a Document Management System?

A DMS is a virtual tool used by a company to store its documents. Consider it a virtual filing cabinet that keeps documents organised and accessible. This is done by onboarding all of your current documents using a document scanner with OCR technology and rasterisation for images. Because they are stored centrally, the documents will be accessible to anyone with the relevant permissions. It will also allow you to open a variety of file types and save them in a new format while maintaining the text formatting you’ve done.

How can a document management system help you?

Creating a central location for all of your individual documents can help your team work more efficiently by eliminating the need to wait for long periods for document transfers between team members. When documents are stored between computers, on paper, on USB sticks, and on separate work servers it is very difficult to keep track of where everything is.

Having files in all of these different locations can even eventually even become a security issue. For example, losing a USB with vital files could result in confidential information falling into the hands of unauthorized people. Risks to your files can be eliminated with a DMS that stores all of these files centrally.

Key features of a document management system

  • Stores documents centrally making them available across the business
  • Allows you to create files in different formats effortlessly
  • Allows you to onboard all existing documents
  • OCR and rasterisation technology to ensure accurate depiction of documents
  • Interact with your current systems effortlessly
  • Bring together both accessibility and security of documents

In conclusion, what is a document management system? It is a virtual solution designed to create a paperless environment for your business to work from. All of your documents are securely stored, easy to find, and can be accessed collaboratively between members of your team. Current documents are integrated into the DMS via OCR and rasterisation technology, which ensures complete accuracy of the content of the document. The software is easily integrated into your current systems to ensure there is not a huge learning curve. Some companies even offer training to employees, to ensure the new technology is implemented quickly into their routines.

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Adam Turner, Marketing Manager, Sefas UK