What Is Email Marketing CRM And How Can It Help Your Campaigns?

Email marketing is a huge part of marketing strategy in business. Email marketing is an easy way to get your key business promotions out to your existing customers, as well as potential leads. However, if you are not careful with your approach you will potentially alienate your current customers and push them away. This is where email marketing CRM (Customer relationship management) can come in to help. Building a relationship with your customers that is based upon mutual benefit can be challenging. Using CRM can make this easy. Let’s look at what CRM is and how it can help you with your email marketing efforts.

So what is email marketing CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. CRM involves using software to help your business to better understand and market itself to your current customers. So how can your email marketing team use CRM to create effective customer relationships? Well, using CRM software allows marketers to create more personalised and direct emails that aim at more specific problems the person may need help with. By focusing on the individual, your company emails are less likely to be deleted, resulting in better open rates and potentially more sales.

How can using email marketing CRM benefit your business?

Email marketing has been used for multiple decades at this point, so there is a general idea of how this tool will be used. Often email is used for the sending of tracking codes, receipts, and other vital information. When signing customers up for these email updates, companies will often include the option to sign up for marketing updates as well. Customers who are signing up for these updates need to be managed correctly. Sending impersonal and spammy emails out to your customer email lists will result in your customers unsubscribing from your lists. You need to plan your emails to target different demographics, locations, and more. In email marketing, CRM software can be used to do this with ease. You can collect the customer’s preferred methods of communication, and the types of emails they want to receive. You can then automatically break your audience into different sectors. Essentially creating targeted and accurate emails for each of your customers will be cheaper, result in a higher open rate, and create more leads for your company.

What customers are expecting

More than ever before customers are expecting a personal touch from any business that is looking to sell to them. They want the company to listen, understand their interests, and provide them with ideal solutions that they need. Email marketing needs to be personal, use the correct tone of voice, and give your customers what they have signed up for. Using an omni channel software will support your business with providing your customers with a full 360° experience of your company.  If you are looking for advanced CCM software to aid all of your marketing and customer communications efforts.

Sefas offers a CCM solution that makes sending out all of your customer communications easy. The Harmonie Communications Suite (HCS) offers key features, including document and template creation, communications auditing software, hybrid mail, and more. With HCS, you can design and build a leading customer experience with compliant and quickly delivered communications to your customer’s preferred platforms. To learn more about how HCS can support your business, contact us today.