Developing a sound business and customer communication strategy, evolving around up to date technology advancements and industry changes, is essential to staying on track with the demands and expectations of customers. This is otherwise known as an omnichannel strategy. Read our latest blog to find out what is and how an omnichannel strategy can help you and your business.

What is Omnichannel Communication?

In its essence, omnichannel marketing links your company’s communication channels, such as Facebook, email and customer services, and creates a seamless customer experience. Unlike multi-channel communication, where customers see an advertisement and have to go in-store to purchase it, an omnichannel communications strategy creates a seamless customer experience that benefits lead nurturing and user engagement.

A company with an omnichannel strategy would advertise the product on their website and have a stock/location tracker integrated so that their customers can check the stock of this product in their area instantly.

Multi-channel vs Omnichannel Communication

Multi-channel communication focuses on flooding individual channels to reach a wide and varied target demographic. This includes any touchpoints that the audience will have with your business, such as social media, forums, video-sharing platforms, and even the latest blockbuster film, to spread brand awareness. Tracking engagement can become difficult as these are not and cannot be directly interconnected.

Omni-channel communication is designed with customer experience in mind, integrating all marketing and communication channels into one, creating a seamless experience that the audience will resonate with, increasing brand loyalty and repeat purchases. This combined channel will benefit your sales and marketing efforts as the strategy becomes more concentrated and efficient. 

How do I implement an omnichannel strategy? 

Creating and understanding the customer journey is vital. The journey is the path your customers will make, from the beginning to the end, so it’s essential to focus your efforts on the things that are working rather than not working.

Once you understand the customer journey for each customer persona, you need to understand what attracts customers to each channel and what you can do to link these channels together to create a better customer experience. Following this, you need to create content plans tailored to each channel, ensuring that you post relevant and consistent posts that your customers will engage with.

How can Sefas support your Omnichannel strategy?

At Sefas, our HC Suite integrates five pieces of software that will allow you to create a seamless omnichannel strategy. Any created communication will be uploaded instantly, allowing you to change it to any format, saving you time with creating new content.

We offer training and ongoing support to make your omnichannel transition as seamless as possible. If you would like to find out more about our HC Suite and how we can support you, get in contact today.


Adam Turner, Marketing Manager, Sefas UK