HC Hubmail, Sefas’s hybrid mail solution supporting students to overcome digital disconnection during the pandemic

Docaposte, a trusted third party in the public sector and its subsidiary Sefas has provided the French Ministry of Education with expertise in digital platforms, including HC Hubmail  and their production capacities to set up a support system for students in difficult situations such as digital disconnection for nearly 200,000 students..

To enable teachers to send homework by post to isolated identified students and allow their parents to send them back free of charge, Sefas made its HC Hubmail platform available to schools. The web interface allows homework to be loaded by the teacher, and subsequent printing and mailing needs are automatically triggered to send to the families of the students.

Once homework is completed, it is returned free of charge by families via a prepaid envelope.

The documents received are then digitised on Docaposte’s production sites and then integrated into an electronic document management tool (EDM) to be archived and accessed for marking by the teacher. A reporting system enables the ministry, academies, schools and teachers to monitor all activity.

The HC Hubmail project in figures

  • 12.4 million students from primary and secondary schools were confined to home during the pandemic.
  • Nearly 200,000 students did not have access to digital technology or internet and this inequality needed to be quickly addressed.
  • 50,000 teachers and administrators were quickly onboarded as users of the Hubmail platform – a massive training and configuration task.
  • Over 15,000 homework assignments per day were processed – some 300,000 per month
  • Sefas committed a project team of 20 people and 300 mobile employees to undertake to project.

To find out more about Sefas’s hybrid mail solution – HC Hubmail, please visit the page.

Rudy Millard, Head of Local Government Markets, Sefas UK