The future of CXM (Customer Experience Management) technology is bright, with it being one of the fastest-growing ERP solutions available to businesses today. With all the talk about CXM solutions, it’s easy to get lost in the key benefits they can bring you and your business. Read on to find out where CXM technology is heading, and how this can support your business today.

Bringing together sales, operations and marketing

One of the key features of CXM technology is bringing all of your customer data to one easily accessible platform. From sales and marketing to operations and finance, your teams will have instant access to the most up-to-date information required on a given customer. Allowing your business to operate at maximum efficiency, having everything they need a click away.

Focus on the customer when looking to retain them

Does your business focus on the customer when looking at their business model? Many businesses will say that they do this, however, when looking deeper, they realise that this is simply not the case. Every aspect of the business that provides a level of service will have a customer on the other end.

When retaining a customer, you need to listen to them and look at how your business can improve. Integrating social listening tools, feedback forms, and review pages into your Customer experience management software will enable you to get to the bottom of any customer critiques. CXM technology including these tools will be ahead of the curve and enable your company to have the edge over the competition.

Analyse customer value more in-depth

Maintaining relationships with your customers and becoming their ‘go-to’ will enable you to push forward with your business. However, trying to do this without CXM technology is incredibly challenging with a never-ending list of obstacles in the way.

CXM technology holds all of your customer details and previous interactions, allowing you to see what has been done in the past. The future CXM technology looks to include AI estimates of the monetary value of an individual or group of customers, giving your business a good vision of where to focus their marketing efforts to create valuable repeat customers. A customer’s true value is also reflected in loyalty program referrals, customer influence, and recommendations.

Adapt to how customers want to be communicated with

Moving forward with the times is important for any modern business. The same can be said for the future of CXM technology. Features such as hybrid mail or omnichannel communications are great ways to ensure your customers receive their communication via the right means to maximise their engagement with you. Every customer is different, so it is essential to allow them to choose in the modern era.

Mass personalisation

The idea of mass personalisation is that you can create highly personalised communications for specific audiences based on criteria. Using customer data from your CXM tool will enable you to segment and create unique messages for particular parts of your customer base. To make this more effective, CXM technology will continue to evolve in collecting relevant data, with social listening technologies being a key tool in the way forward, with customers being more opinionated and willing to give true opinions.

Customer experience management software will continue to move forward, with features making the customer communications process much easier in the future. Things such as design collaboration tools for your communications or auditing software are the future of CXM technology. Here at Sefas, our HC Suite integrates five separate pieces of technology into one. To find out more about how our HC Suite can help your B2B Business, please get in contact today.


Steve Narancic, Partnerships Manager, Sefas UK