In this blog, we will be going over the 5 key benefits of SaaS for your business.

But what is SaaS? Software as a service (SaaS) is taking over a number of different industries, particularly since the COVID 19 pandemic. SaaS essentially involves your company paying a subscription whether monthly or annually. They will then gain access to a piece of software that would normally have to be paid for outright. This means that you are able to constantly keep on top of any new changes in software, as upgrades are (often) free with your subscription.

#1 Cheaper than buying a software license

When you are first paying for a SaaS. You will find that it is much cheaper than purchasing, installing, and updating a piece of software onto many individual machines. The licenses for directly owning a piece of software are often expensive and don’t allow you to upgrade for free. This is far from ideal and can lead to business owners holding onto an old and increasingly irrelevant piece of software, instead of updating to the latest option available, simply because they can’t afford to upgrade. 

#2 No need to complete maintenance

Another key benefit of using a SaaS is that when you are subscribed to one, you no longer need to worry about any maintenance issues. This is because it will now be the responsibility of the software provider. This means that you can spend more time worrying about the things that matter! If an issue occurs you simply contact the service provider, who will then work to sort the issue for you. If this sounds ideal, then perhaps you need to consider a SaaS in the near future.

#3 Easily accessible via a web browser

Very often when accessing a SaaS you simply need to login into a web browser. This is much easier than having to install and update a piece of software on various office computers! With the software being shared over the cloud, this means that any data will constantly be updated as well. This saves any errors occurring because somebody has not updated data. This collaboration can also extend to working together across various documents  or design projects.

#4 Much easier to update and upgrade than doing it yourself

As we have already stated, it is much easier to upgrade a SaaS than a piece of software that is physically installed on your devices. This is because it is entirely run by the service provider. This means you will consistently have the latest updates, which can end up being beneficial when trying to create an advantage over your competition.

#5 Scalable based on the number of employees using the software

One of the benefits of SaaS is that most of the subscription packages involve a certain number of users or features. The positive about this is that you can upgrade or adjust at will. If you suddenly have a group of employees who need access to the software, you won’t have to break the bank to gain access to this. 

So there we have 5 benefits of SaaS for your business. If you are considering a software purchase in the near future for your business, be sure to consider any SaaS options before making a big purchase. Another advantage is that if the software does not work for you, you will likely be able to cancel within a certain time period, sometimes even for a full refund. So it’s not a huge risk to take!

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Rudy Millard, Account Manager, Sefas UK